Pathfinder is proud to have worked with and helped improve the dynamics of the following companies:

Key Clients

MARS - Petcare & Grocery

Mark Lawrence"Pathfinder enabled this client to breakthrough the £100 million per year revenue barrier and an aligned profit margin. Pathfinder also enabled this client to be placed into the 'A Great Place to Work' scheme. You have worked with us now for three years and we would not have got to the place we are in without your help. You are invaluable.”

ASDA - (Walmart)

Mark Lawrence"Through a series of interventions the designated stores rose from 44th to 12th in the Walmart list of successful regions. The interventions were brilliantly received and the ongoing energy is still resonant - Thank you to all of the Pathfinder crew for your creative thought and terrific support."

Global Manufacturer for the Plastics Industry

Mark Lawrence"Pathfinder has delivered a multitude of services to this company including Board level strategy, executive coaching, team events and conflict resolution. "Without the support of Pathfinder over the last two years we would not feel as strong and as enabled as we do."

Global Pharmaceutical

Mark Lawrence"We engage with Pathfinder up to eight times a year. We notice an immediate increase in staff morale and production. We love their no-nonsense approach and also enjoy their humour and fun they seem to weave into every event that allows the learning and development to be long-remembered and sustainable."