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Innovative Programmes for your business behaviours and values.
Real responses for real situations.

Our philosophy: We believe that Leadership isn't defined purely by job title. An act of leadership happens when someone sees an opportunity to act and has the courage to do so. It isn’t about position and doesn’t require any special traits or characteristics. We develop people’s capacity for noticing when such action is possible or necessary and help them to discover the ways in which they could respond. This approach results in people who act as leaders and who start to look and sound like leaders in performing their everyday tasks.

Identifying talent and developing people for the challenge of business leadership are essential elements of sustainable business growth and success. Succession planning and programmes to forge future leaders not only make commercial sense but are a key strategy in developing employee engagement.

Our Learning programmes don’t just concentrate on great leadership theories. A Pathfinder bespoke Leadership programme is designed to focuss in on the competencies and behaviours that align to your company culture.

Any programme we design can combine psychometrics, experiential learning, facilitation, coaching, management/leadership theory, practical application, business simulation, and motivational tasks.

Pathfinder learning & development programmes
can help you:

  • Develop the ability to motivate and galvanise other people into action through inspirational leadership.

  • Increase awareness of individual’s personal strengths and limitations.

  • Recognise their personal responsibility and level f influence on developing and translating strategy into action.

  • Bolster individual’s emotional intelligence and develop an ability to make appropriate choices about their behaviour in different types of leadership and team situations.

  • Understand how to create and maintain high performing teams.
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Your Team will show improved:

  • Interpersonal skills

  • Personal capability

  • Character

  • Motivation

  • Focus on results

  • Leading Change

High Performing Teams

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Leadership Development

Innovative Programmes for your business behaviours and values. Real responses for real situations. click here.


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