Pathfinder Performance

Leadership Development, People Motivation, Organisational Change

We pride ourselves on delivering really unique and innovative interventions that create powerful opportunities for participants to experience, reflect on and learn from new emotions, problems and situations.

We can do this on site, offsite, in workshops, on mountains, cooking, or at sea (to name but a few)! Most importantly we won’t come along and deliver a PowerPoint presentation and leave with you a book of the film….we will get in “amongst you” and use the talent you already have to help shape the desired outcomes. That way we find the business is engaged behind the solution and prepared to make it sustainable. We’ve often been known to come back and “revisit” the businesses we work with…just to check they’re doing what they committed to!

We have a simple approach to understanding your issues and problems and designing a winning programme to deliver sustainable and measurable change.


This involves us understanding you and your bespoke business needs, desired outcomes and success criteria using a combination of:

  • One to one meetings
  • Group discussions
  • Questionnaires
  • Job shadowing


At this stage we identify your key success criteria and together create an engaging and inspiring programme that will fully meet your needs. Design is carried out in partnership with you so that you are part of the process throughout and feel fully consulted on all aspects of the intervention.


Pathfinder strive to create learning interventions that are engaging, innovative, highly memorable, challenging and based on real experiences.

We can work onsite or offsite at specially selected locations. We may use theories, models and psychometric analysis on which to build understanding of individuals’ experiences.

We can use real business projects to ensure learnings are captured and are embedded into lasting behaviour change back at work.

Pathfinder are passionate about achieving the behavioural and performance improvements you require. We have highly experienced facilitators/coaches with many years of experience from an eclectic mix of businesses.

Evaluation & Measurement

Measurements for the success of the programme will be determined from the outset, in terms of both top line goals and more detailed evaluation.

Using the evaluations in conjunction with existing business methods can provide a real insight into the success of the programme in terms of behaviour change and business results.

You may consider benchmarking any programme against the best in class and looking for a suitable award to give the business the recognition it deserves (e.g. GPTWi, Sunday Times top 100).