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Motivating to enhance performance

Pathfinder believe passionately that people learn best by experiencing real situations, consequences and achievements and by being fully engaged in the learning process. Whether it is in your workplace, offsite, outside in the open, up a mountain or out on a boat, Pathfinder will facilitate engaging, tailored interventions to ensure that your team development needs are met.

We are passionate about developing high performing teams and our clients tell us our interventions are second to none, with Delegates returning to work feeling motivated, enthusiastic and better equipped to manage others and perform more strongly in their teams.

Pathfinder have over 15 years’ experience of working with an eclectic mix of world-class organisations and have come to recognise that true team working focuses on individual action, feeling and accountability rather than on vague notions of ‘team’. This starts from individuals developing self-awareness before approaching the aspect of team. With a greater understanding of one’s self, you can start to appreciate how a team works as a whole: Self….Team….Task.

We would never claim to be able to ‘fix’ a particular team at a particular moment in time. We work to create a deep awareness of the dynamics of teams. Whether the delivery from Pathfinder is a one-off event or part of a longer term programme, we aim to provide skills and learning for individuals that can be translated into the real world, to ensure that benefits are sustained even when the team changes

Pathfinder can help you to:

  • Build a picture of current reality, by speaking to team members and stakeholders – we will be brutally honest here and are known for “telling it as it is”

  • Design a solution with the right focus (clarity of purpose, knowing each other, understanding diversity, “how we do things”, feedback, alignment).

  • Relate the team to its external environment: its obligations, outputs and relations to other teams and the wider organisation.

  • Develop teams with greater emotional intelligence enabling them to maintain their improved effectiveness in the face of difficulties and continue to develop.
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Your Team members will:

  • Develop a deeper understanding between each other.

  • Create improved relationships through shared experience.

  • Have an experience of having performed well together.

  • Reflect on their own behaviours, values and contributions.

  • See an increased desire to cooperate and help each other out.

  • Benefit from specific learnings that can be applied and sustained at work with a realisation sense that the event was time well spent.

High Performing Teams

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