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The benefits of having highly engaged employees are boundless, they tend to try harder, perform better and are less likely to leave your business. Pathfinder is skilled in working with your staff to ensure they are engaged, motivated and ready for the challenges ahead.

Developing employee engagement and sustaining it in the current economic climate is hard – but vital. In the long term those companies that can nurture their biggest asset, will come out of a recession ready to thrive again more quickly than those that have to start again. The basis for this is to have authentic leadership supported by an engaged workforce.

The business case for employee engagement is clear – leaders and managers who inspire and engage their employees are more likely to realise the full potential of their workforce, unlocking hidden talent and maximising business performance. It is easy to forget the ‘people’ element in challenging times with sights often focused solely on hitting targets. Yet, the costs of replacing lost staff, let alone accounting for learning curves and business down time, are a significant factor when considering the impact of low employee engagement.

Pathfinder can help you:

  • Identify the key behavioural drivers of employee engagement and establish how they manifest themselves in your business.

  • Understand the effects of your leadership team’s behaviour within the context of employee engagement strategies.

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  • Provide managers with practical people tools and examples to engage others and model the leadership required.

  • Identify what is detracting from employee engagement and what factors would assist.

  • Identify key levers between employee engagement and your business performance in order to measure progress and set up sustainable practices.

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